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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 4, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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it is nearly 4:30. today is much better than yesterday. >> whoo! >> we actually got to drive into work without our knuckles doing this. >> there was actually a sighting of the almost full moon out there this morning until you made tracks towards san francisco then according to our hi-def doppler radar we still have light rain in and around the bay area. grab that umbrella heading on out. the full forecast is still straight ahead. >> and the weather is still cauing a few delays out there -- causing a few delays including highway 9 in saratoga closed in both directions at 35. the roads are slick. you may not need your windshield wipers, but it still could be hectic on the morning commute. it's misty so we'll continue to watch it. >> but better than yesterday. >> you don't have your track shoes on today so it should be okay. all right, liz, thanks. 4:30. we begin. it could take a week to finish fixing a problem brought on by the rain in san francisco. there's a huge hole in a san francisco neighborhood. after the storm swallowed part of the street, this is on lake
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street at sixth avenue in the richmond district. kpix 5's joe vazquez reports some people lost water service in the area. >> reporter: take a look. take a selfie. the sinkhole is quite a sight. 20 by 30 feet big enough to swallow up two winnebagos. when it developed it made weird noises. >> crunch! >> reporter: the public utilities commission says rain runoff flooded the sewer pipe. the water pipe and road collapsed around it. >> i can see the road falling in. so it's getting bigger. now with the rain it's going to get worse. >> reporter: it's an old system. >> this water people dates back to 1905. >> reporter: 1905. it's 110. why don't you fix these things? >> we're doing our best. we have water main breaks and sewer breaks all around the city every day. we have crews dispatched dealing with this 24/7. we just have aging infrastructure. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. it was not a sinkhole but a big pothole that opened up on
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the bay bridge near treasure island. it's the first one on the new span. caltrans closed two lanes for about 20 minutes to make emergency repairs. bay area drivers don't want another day like yesterday. who would? with problems blamed on all the rain, take a look at this crash in san jose. the driver of a pickup lost control on a slick roadway, hit a pole on silver creek valley road off highway 101. the driver walked away unhurt. water kept some roads flooded for hours into the evening. this is mission college boulevard near great america parkway in santa clara but this is nothing compared to what kpix 5's len ramirez dealt with in the santa cruz mountains. reporter: the wind and the rain hit the santa cruz mountains like a one-two punch, a knockout blow to big trees like this one outside of boulder creek. it fell across highway 9 blocking it for hours. >> i want to cry really bad
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because i guess it's a good thing i left to run errands so now i can pick my other daughter up and all the kids that i give a ride to. >> reporter: the rain was too much for the roof of this cvs store in felton. it collapsed under the water's weight. >> looks like a car wash, it's so wet in there. >> reporter: it happened about 3 a.m. and no one was hurt but the rain kept coming. take a look at the san lorenzo river. it rose several feet overnight. >> couple of times last night i thought it was a tornado because it had that train sound. it was hammering on the roof so hard, it was pretty bad. >> reporter: and it was no better on the roads driving through a heavy downpour on twisty highway 17. it can be nerve-racking, but try doing it when you can't see a thing. that was scary. in the santa cruz mountains, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> and, of course, you can get the latest weather alerts, live radar and our weather survival
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guide by going to i think a few people could have used that yesterday. >> i know. watching that dashcam video was giving me flashbacks from yesterday. it's so amazing this last week alone we have seen more rainfall in the city of san francisco than all of 2013. >> really. >> amazing. >> isn't that something? only 10% -- that's so huge but we have only made a 10% dent in the drought. >> well, we're get there is. >> you know, as we have been saying for days, it's like running a marathon and we just passed the first mile. so we still need to conserve. we have a little bit of light green on the screen right there. one of the hardest-hit areas this week is the novato areas over 4.5" of rain in the past 2 days alone and we have light rain there. crossing the bay to the eastern portion of our distribution san ramon the mountains there, mount diablo area, we do have some very dry conditions and we have some much-needed rain this morning. this is the scene looking out
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towards the 580/680 corridor this morning where we do have temperatures currently into the 50s and 60s there. winds have really dialed back under 10 miles per hour increasing today out of the south 10 to 20. numbers mild. 68 degrees in oakland when typically this time of the year we should be at 60 degrees. low 60s common in san francisco. but instead 65. mid-60s across the santa clara valley. and an occasional rain shower in the offing today. a gentle breeze under partly to mostly cloudy skies. and then yet another brand-new rainstorm moves into the bay area. this one, liz, will not affect the morning commute on friday but, rather, the evening commute. >> all right. all eyes are focused on the morning commute for right now. once again, we are still dealing with issues. the rain has died down. those white-out conditions you won't see that. unfortunately, now the downed trees, the potholes are popping up, and this is one apparently five feet by two feet in the slow lane of westbound 580 approaching grant line road. and the delays have begun
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coming through the altamont pass. so we know that caltrans crews are going to be out there to begin the fixing process about 4:50. so it sounds like that lane, that slow lane, could be closed there for a while until they can repair the pothole. here's a live look out the door. looks better on the nimitz freeway this morning. 880 as you pass the oakland coliseum, oakland airport, no delays. the marin county commute was rough probably one of the worst commutes i have en receiver because of flooding -- i have ever seen because of flooding issues blocking southbound 101. today everything is quiet even though you can see it's still wet across the golden gate bridge. no delay to the drive time. a downed tree continues to block lanes in the santa cruz mountains. highway 9 is closed in both directions at highway 35. had some closings overnight. the main lines of the roadway in san jose still look good on the guadalupe parkway 280, 101, no delay so far from morgan hill. if you want to continue to ride mass transit today bart so far
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on time all trains look good on schedule. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work to work. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. 4:37. a suspect is hospitalized after he was shot while struggling with an off-duty police officer. this is surveillance video from a business called another cafe, about 6:00 yesterday morning. investigators say the man began hassling a woman, tossed coffee in her face and started chasing her around. another customer tried to intervene and fight him off and the employee grabbed a baseball bat and chased the man out of the cafe. now, investigators say the same man had just tried to break in a car and attacked another man outside in san francisco. then he tried to rob an off- duty police officer in the lobby of an apartment building nearby. the man was shot in a struggle over that officer's gun and was last reported in critical but stable condition. another grand jury has cleared a police officer in the death of an unarmed black man. >> the latest case involves a man to died in new york after
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being placed in a chokehold. don champion reports the decision led to protests nationwide. [ screaming ] >> reporter: demonstrators gathered around new york city almost immediately after it was announced that a new york grand jury declined to indict a police officer in the death of eric garner. dozens of protestors in manhattan were arrested for disrupting traffic along busy roads and streets. [ screaming ] >> we saw the video! he choked that man to death! >> reporter: as people in seattle, chicago and st. louis marched in solidarity. nypd officer daniel pantaleo was caught on camera putting garner in a chokehold for resisting arrest in july after he was stopped for illegally selling cigarettes. video of the deadly encounter soon went viral. a medical examiner later ruled the death a homicide. a memorial now grows here on staten island where garner died. in the video he could be heard
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saying, i can't breathe, as officers took him into custody. chokeholds are banned under nypd policy. in a statement, officer pantaleo expressed remorse over the death saying, quote, my family and i include him and his family in our prayers and i hope that they will accept my personal condolences for their loss." garner's family is angered. >> there's nothing that him or his prayers or anything else would make me feel any different. no, i don't accept his apology. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio urges protestors to remain peaceful saying that's the only way to bring about real change. don champion for cbs news, staten island, new york. >> protestors upset about the new york decision blocked traffic in palo alto. about 150 people walked on highway 101 at the university avenue exit last night. many of them were stanford students. they shut down traffic in both directions for about 15 minutes until the chp moved them off the freeway. >> the big thing they are
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trying to do now is let people know that we'll be seen and heard. and we will continue to disrupt their everyday life until they recognize that. >> in oakland protestors tried to get on the macarthur freeway but police blocked it. officers were ready after protestors shut down oakland freeways twice last week. and some streets were blocked but unlike last week, last night's protests in oakland were peaceful, no vandalism. hundreds marched from downtown up to rockridge area. in san francisco, protestors staged a die-in near the cable car turnaround at powell and market. the group blocked the intersection there near market. that's when police moved in and the crowd dispersed finally. new this morning, the dismantling is about to begin at the jungle. the large homeless encampment along san jose's coyote creek. 200 people were living there off story and center roads. the city says the site is unsafe and unsanitary and it will be about a two-week
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process to clean it up. the city is arranging for places to stay for those being removed. it is 4:41. the u.s. supreme court is looking at the case of a u.p.s. employee who was placed on unpaid leave because her pregnancy prevented her from fully perform her regular duties. >> a woman should never have to decide between starting a family or supporting her family. >> when peggy young was pregnant, eight years ago, her doctor told her not to lift more than 20 pounds. she was placed on unpaid leave without benefits. she said u.p.s. should have given her temporary light duty work though. the court is deciding now whether u.p.s. violated the federal pregnancy discrimination act. lower courtsided with u.p.s. a ruling is expected sometime this summer. some congressional republicans threaten funding to stop president obama's executive action on immigration reform. texas is leading a 17-state coalition filing suit to block
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the president's order. >> two things are clear. our immigration system is broken. and it must be fixed. second, the constitution prescribes immigration policy be fixed by congress, not by presidential fiat. >> all but two of the state included in the lawsuit have republican governors. time now is 4:42. the golden state warriors making a special appearance at a bay area basketball game last night. but they weren't there to support the high school team's win. instead, a troubling loss. >> and what is cool about your school? email your nominations to we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the launching pad at cape here we go. the test launch of nasa's new orion spacecraft now on hold in florida. a live look at orion. it's on the launch pad at cape
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canaveral, florida. no word yet on the reason for the delay. and at this point, there's no new launch time scheduled. it is a little foggy there. the latest it can be launched today is 6:44 a.m. pacific time. we'll update you if it takes off. 3, 2, 1 -- whoo! >> there it is! thousands came out in new york city last night to watch the rockefeller christmas tree get lit. the 80-foot-tall -- 85-foot- tall spruce comes from pennsylvania. the rockefeller center christmas tree tradition dates back to the great depression. beautiful. >> have you ever been there rockefeller plaza when they lit the tree? >> i have ice skated right there. >> it is gorgeous. >> i had the opportunity to fill in for the network on one of those lightings and so i was in part of the ceremony -- i wasn't part of the ceremony but i got to watch from a building. it was so neat because you weren't in the crowd but you could see the festivities and it was great. it was wonderful. the weather was very conducive, nice and chilly.
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a high today in new york city 42 degrees. good morning, everyone. we have an improving situation. it's kind of like an in between day because yet another system is poised and positioned to move into the bay area. right now hi-def doppler pick point picking up green on the screen. it's a pocket of yellow. that's a moderate downpour. it's occurring around the kentfield area and working its way in towards sausalito. right now mild temperatures out the door into the 50s and 60s. winds are pretty much nonexistent. looking toward the bay bridge mostly cloudy skies in san francisco. a lot of low-level moisture that's not being detected by radar. it's very light precipitation almost like a fine drizzle or a mist. and we will continue to see these random showers pop up anytime during the day today. and even some peeks of sunshine which means rainbow weather right here in the bay area. more rain wednesday afternoon. the cutoff low is now going east. we are on the back side of of it so we have a lot of unstable
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air mass and upstream right there, this area of low pressure timing wants to place it -- well, let's take a look. this is futurecast. and again, hit-and-miss showers during the afternoon right there in the san jose area by lunch hour. and towards the evening commute, mostly cloudy skies. here comes your friday. the evening commute will be affected when we have showers pushing onshore for friday evening, waking up on saturday morning with a little bit of rain. saturday partly sunny in the bay area. today mid-60s in sacramento, 60 ukiah, showers in monterey bay at 67. sunrise 7:09. today's highs in the 60s. 68 degrees in oakland. a random shower today but for the most part some sunny
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breaks. friday partly cloudy skies and increasing cloud cover during the afternoon leading to rain showers. we clear out on saturday. we begin to cloud up on sunday with rain overnight sunday leading to the potential of rain showers on monday. and then cloud cover on tuesday and wednesday. still very active, liz. >> i know. the spinouts are gone for the most part. now we're dealing with potholes and downtown trees. i'll break down two of the worst. if you are coming through the altamont pass right now, this is going to likely be a hot spot. there's a large pothole nearly five feet long right now westbound 580 approaching the grant line road exit. it's one of our first spots to usually back up usually around this time of the morning we start to see the most cars, the most traffic. and it's already backed up worse than normal because of course they have to block the toll lane with a pothole that large. we know that crews should be on scene right about now trying to begin the work to repair it. they have one-way traffic control in effect now in saratoga. highways 9 and 35. for a while it was closed.
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there was a large tree blocking the road. now they are letting some traffic through. it sounds like at least in the eastbound direction you can get by. here's a live look at the bay bridge where obviously still slick outside. but at least no raindrops in the camera lens. everything is quiet so far coming into san francisco. silicon valley drive also looks great on westbound 237. it's only 7 minutes between milpitas and sunnyvale. and once again this is a lot of our commutes, the drive times, what a relief, better conditions now on the nimitz freeway, 880 near the oakland coliseum. smooth commute towards your downtown oakland exits. and hopefully marin county will get a break. you need it after yesterday with the drive time at one point 73 minutes from san rafael to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. right now is clear. mass transit also on time. that's the latest from "kcbs traffic." frank, michelle, back to you guys. people were stunned when
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they showed up for a high school basketball game. a surprise that was in the crowd. cate caugiran reports. >> reporter: the high school basketball players, this is the chance of a lifetime playing in front of your idol and the ones typically seen on posters and tv screens. >> my kids are so excited. most of them have never been to a game, never done anything like this so it's like watching boys around christmas. it's touching. >> reporter: the golden state warriors came to this richmond high school game to support not a team win but a loss. >> very sad. you know? a young man lost his life apparently no reason. >> reporter: 16-year-old rodney frazier killed after she was shot at 20 times in front of his -- after he was shot at 20 times in front of his house. >> athletics are fun. you shouldn't have to see a team play in a situation like this. we want to show that it's about family and you do the to come together in times of loss and tragedy and, you know, kind of be there for one another. >> reporter: behind closed doors, the golden state
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warriors shared a private moment with team members from both sides of concord and richmond and talked about how gun violence has hit this area hard and head coach of the golden state warriors said the students could be the solution. they stay involved with their community. >> one, two, three, community! >> reporter: the message in the locker room was the shootings need to stop. >> robbing so many young teens of a chance to have a great life and it's affecting our whole country. >> why are we accepting this in one. strongest countries in the world? it doesn't make sense. so let's get it done. let's stop the violence. >> reporter: while remembering why this team and this city is so desperate for a solution. >> rodney, we miss you baby, love you, take care. >> reporter: in richmond, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> there are still no arrests in the murder but police say he didn't have any known gang ties or any enemies but the warriors helping out. >> that was nice. 4:51. the alameda county sheriff's office getting some high-tech
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good morning on this december 4. around the bay area today under partly to mostly cloudy skies in the mid-60s in fact redwood city with a high temperature of 66 degrees. as we swing around towards the santa clara valley our high temperatures averaging at least a good 5 degrees above normal for this time of the year. santa clara 68 degrees today. mid-60s in union city. and danville with a south wind at 10:00. you'll top off nearly 70, as well. partly to mostly cloudy skies across the northern portion of the bay area with the random hit miss scattered showers. good morning, san francisco! with a high today topping off
4:55 am
at 65 degrees. if you are about to hit the roads driving to work or wherever you're going this morning, your commute should be a lot less scary. we are not seeing too many incidents out there now. the roads are wet. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. we are still dealing with a pothole blocking one lane westbound 580 at grand line so the delays are building out of tracy. we'll have a full check of your "kcbs traffic" all just minutes away. alameda county sheriff's department has purchased two drones for nearly $100,000. sheriff greg ahern calls them unmanned aerial systems. he showed them off at a news conference yesterday. >> why do you feel the need to call this press conference today? >> because these systems are very controversial. because of the retention of data and because of the privacy concerns. and so we saw what happened in other agencies when they didn't have a press conference. >> san jose police was criticized for secretly buying a drone. sheriff ahern says his department has been completely
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open about the process. he insists the drones will only be used for search-and-rescue, bomb threats and other crimes where officers are in danger. it is 4:56 now. takata airbag recall is growing. ford and honda are expanding their recalls of vehicles with those faulty airbags. meanwhile, takata's executives all got grilled by congress yesterday. they could not explain why the airbags have malfunctioned. the company knew it did have problems though. about a decade ago. the recall started in 2008. so far almost 17 million vehicles have been recalled. new this morning, the san jose police department says a dozen of its officers will test body cameras as part of a pilot program. the officers will try three different models of videocameras including one that can be attached to eyeglasses. cameras are seen as a way to prove or disprove complaints from suspects but skeptics have their concerns. the city has to reach a deal with the police officers association before giving the
4:57 am
program the go-ahead. i'm kiet do live in san jose. the closure of the jungle begins in just a few hours. this is one of the largest homeless encampments in the country. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm frank mallicoat san francisco crew good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. almost 5:00 on this thursday. >> san francisco crews have a big hole to fill. that's after the storm swallowed part of the street. take a look. it happened on lake street at sixth avenue in the richmond district yesterday afternoon. kpix 5's ryan takeo is on the scene checking in on that big repair project. good morning. >> reporter: crews are going to be back here at about 7:00 this morning. they have a lot of work to do. check out the huge hole that basically swallowed up this street.
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>> reporter: this hole is 20 by 30 feet and 10 feet deep. rainwater flooded and broke the aging sewer line. the water line also broke. that all eventually eroded the road. these are all old pipes more than a century old. >> this pipe dates back t 1905. we don't have the luxury of fixing everything. we are chasing after emergency after emergency. we also have the triage mode that we're in, as well. >> reporter: the sewage flows in a labyrinth of pipes that criss-crosses 1,000 miles. more than half are at least 70 years old. back to you. >> ryan, how about the intersection? any clue when they are going to get a repair and open up that intersection again for traffic? >> well, yeah. yesterday they were telling us it's not going to take hours. we are talking about


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